Money School: Personal Finance Made Simple

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Learn the system I used to pay off $30K in debt and start investing in the stock market.

People work so hard to make money.

Then they don't take care of their money.

Getting money is only your half-way point.

Once you have it, you gotta put it to work for you.

Most people will struggle with money their whole lives.


❌ They don't pay attention to details.

❌ They earn & spend without planning.

That kind of relationship with money makes life hard, no matter your income.

Getting organized is your key to financial security.

Money School will get you organized so your money can start working for you!

You'll learn these basics of money management:

✔️ The week-by-week strategy I used to pay off my debt

✔️ A simple, 4-step game plan to a proper budget

✔️ My fool-proof strategy for mindful spending

✔️ 3 critical components to setting up a savings plan

✔️ One tried-and-true method to start investing in the stock market.

I share realistic tips for managing your money.

And by the end of this short course, you'll understand how debt, budgeting, spending, saving, and investing all work together (for you or against you).

Here's a preview of what's inside:


Part 1: Course Intro

- Intro, objectives & outline

- Laying Your Foundation

Part 2: Debt

- What is debt?

- Why does it matter?

- A game plan for paying off debt

- Questions to consider before taking on new debt

Part 3: Budgeting

- The importance of budgeting

- How to create your budget

- How to track & analyze your progress

Part 4: Spending

- The Spending Mindset

- How to reduce spending

Part 5: Saving

- Why it matters

- The biggest mistake a saver can make

- Defining your savings buckets

Part 6: Investing

- Why is investing important?

- What is the stock market & what is a stock market index?

- The power of compounding returns

- Basic types of stock market investments

- Brokerage options

- A simple plan to start investing

Part 7: Your Homework

- Your money makeover action checklist.


Who is this course made for?

Money School is a beginners-level course designed for people who need to organize their finances.

  • Need a plan of attack for your debt?
  • Want to create a budget that actually sticks?
  • Are you ready to start investing for financial security?

Then Money School is for you.

Who am I?

I'm not a stock broker or a financial advisor. I'm just a person that clawed my way out of debt and started investing my money in the stock market.

In the process of doing that, I discovered that money management & stock market investing isn't nearly as complicated as the financial industry would like you to think.

I aim to make personal finance & investing approachable to the average person. No financial wizardry here. Just simple information in plain English.

What will I learn in this course?

How to wrap your mind around your money, in an approachable way. Simple action steps to pay off debt, create & follow a budget, save as a habit, and start investing in the stock market.

How long will it take to see results?

It depends on your financial situation. But I'll give it to you straight:

Financial wellness is a long-game.

I don't have any overnight hacks or secrets for solving enormous credit card debt overnight. I don't talk about crypto-currency or risky ways to make fast money.

I educate people on the basic elements of personal finance & stock market investing.

Money School is for people playing the long-game.


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Money School: Personal Finance Made Simple

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